Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Fall Classes at Crab Creek Quilting Company


Fall Classes at Crab Creek Quilting Company

We made it through Shop Hop and I feel so blessed to have has wonderful help throughout! I really appreciated Sherry making the Clam Up bags, aprons and letting the shop display on loan her awesome Ghastlie Poppins Bag! The beautiful Black Cat Capers panel Linda whipped out  came just in time, as well as the car trash bins, trivets, and casserole carries! They were a hit! Also a huge shoutout to Charisma for loaning the shop so many wonderful quilts to hang on my empty white walls.  

Linda, Sherry, Kim and Terri worked hard to provide excellent customer service, stamp passports, answer questions and visit with all who came in. Having a successful Quilt Shop takes a tribe, and I am so fortunate to have them jump in and help me. I truly appreciate their wisdom and thoughtfulness!

The Lincoln County Fair is coming next week, I'll be volunteering a few nights at the Quilt Barn after I close the shop. I'm really looking forward to seeing the entries this year as we all missed our community events last year. I hope to get the chance to visit, so stop on by August 23-28. I hear there's many events going on for our community to enjoy.

I'm also planning several classes here at the shop for our Fall season. We have Two Collage classes taught by Renee' Bruess. The first one starts August 3rd through the 4th. Its called "Nola, A Unicorn". This one really spoke to me since I'm a bit of a unicorn myself, lol. Being a female in the Military and a Chief Warrant Officer was a rarity. I absolutely need this beautiful Wall Hanging for the Classroom. 

The Second Collage Class is the BRAND NEW Pattern released by Laura Heine called "Spool of Flowers" Anything quilting related is a must have for my studio, and this pattern is great as you can do it on a white or black background. I look forward to creating this with my quilty friends October 22-23rd.

Continuing in October, National Pattern Designer and Master Longarrmer, Charisma Horton will be coming to the shop on November 12 and 13th to teach this beautiful quilt called Love Actually. I am excited to see if any quilters take this class and decide to NOT do it in Modern Colors. Of course I'll be using the solids, but this would be so pretty in reproduction or even a beautiful Andover floral. With everything going on in the world, I didn't want to wait till Valentines Day for this one.

I am so excited about our November Quilt Class-It's a Surprise- but I can guarantee you, it will be sure to put you in the Holiday spirit and you'll be ready to make those Christmas Cookies. It will make a fine gift for any age or a cute one to keep or donate. 

To sign up for a Class you can add them to your cart on the website, www.crabcreekquiltingcompany.com -or- call the shop and I'll get your spot reserved. 

Stay Happy and Grateful my friends. 

Monday, July 26, 2021


SAVE            SAVE          SAVE

We need to MOVE THAT BOLT! As Crab Creek Quilting Company prepares for the Annual WSQ Greater Spokane Area Shop Hop we need to get some fabrics out the door and get some new ones in! 

We are offering a SPECIAL 2 day end of Month sale-Online and in the Shop on our fabric's only. 

Save 15% off of Fabrics Tuesday, July 27-Wednesday, July 28, 2021

use code : Z67X2 to save!

Mention your read this Blog and ask about my Kitty Cat Bella and save an additional 5% in store :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

All the Small Things


    I've tried to pay special attention to the little things that will make my shop memorable and make my customers feel like they are receiving top-notch customer service. From candies at the door to pretty checkout bags. 

    I'm finding that I have much work to do in the details. From type of thread and needles to special orders. I absolutely love making people happy :) It's what I do! One of my biggest problems in life has been listening though. I get in such a rush to please and help that I miss little details that can turn a great shopping experience into a disappointment for my customers. I'm striving to fix that.

    Here at Crab Creek Quilting Company-we (I) aim high! If there is anything you need or have asked for in previous visits, I bet it is in the shop now, or will be in the upcoming weeks. I am trying to carry a little bit of all the little pretty things you makers need to create beautiful lasting projects.

I've added paper piecing papers, hand quilting thread, embroidery kits, and even some crochet hooks! Yarn is coming...All the way from the Netherlands! (I'll be carrying some Knitter's Pride and Addy brand as well)

    We also have some new making supplies. Foam for bags and beyond, mesh fabric, prairie cloth, embellishing ribbons and strapping. Oh and elastic. Fabric bolts are also still arriving. And I'm learning. And growing. And loving this Quilt Shop business. But the best part is all of you ~the customers! I really enjoy meeting and re-meeting (my memory stinks) and visiting with you each and every day. 

Thank you for your continued Support and Business <3


Wednesday, June 30, 2021

I didn't get the Memo

     Anyone who's ever started a small business knows that YOU WILL FORGET SOMETHING IMPORTANT! For me it was checking to make sure the AC Units worked! They do ~ mostly :)

The heat has been extreme all week here in Odessa. Trying to stay motivated to keep the doors open instead of lounging on a blow-up ring in the Lake has been a struggle. It' been comparable to the struggle of trying to figure out what I DIDN'T get in. Being a good bookkeeper is paramount in this business, and my skills may be slightly lacking.

Speaking of skills, I'm seeing some really cool notions being released, later this year, that will help any Maker get better at, or learn a new sewing technique. As i meet new people in the shop, I get to learn the techniques they go to when quilting, embroidering or just sewing general. I can't help but wonder how these quilt shops have "something for everyone" all the time? Maybe I'll get there in like, 5 years! lol

In the meantime, I'll have to try to NOT keep 1 of everything I order for myself, Especially things like these cute Cocktail Recipe Cards. As you can see there ARE also beautiful photos of quilts on the back. haha. I just love the little chain doohickey on them too, as they are easy to fasten to any ruler or scissors hole. You just never know when you'll need a new drink recipe! 

I'd like to send a special Thank You to all of  YOU who give me GOOD vibes, Support, read my Blog, visit my Shop while continuing to Inspire Positivity, New Ideas and Growth! 

Keep Smiling and being Authentic my friends! and for Goodness sake- DRINK WATER!

Happy Independence Day!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

A Small Business Journey

 Life is What YOU Make It!

A Small Business Journey

From the very first day I received the keys to the Quilt Shop I had a vision. I wanted to create a quilt shop in a historic quilt shop location that was different, and my own.

Realizing that vision took a lot of help and hard work from my husband Andy, and my sons Tristian and Zachary of of course me- as I was this project manager. The first thing we had to do was get rid of the old carpet. 

I DO NOT recommend getting a new puppy while trying to open a business. However, when you get home at night you do get puppy breath and cuddles on the couch.
I figured I'd better start a coat of paint on the brown paneling. 

We rented a floor scraper to try to get the glue off, unfortunately, that did not work completely. We thought that a sander would take off the last bit of glue but to no avail it was an utter failure. I wasted the entire month of March trying to restore these floors :(

Andy volunteered to install new vinyl :) 

And I painted some more stuff. 

And Painted
And Painted
Meanwhile, I was also inundated with scouring the internet for a Point of Sale solution for both a physical and online store. There is a plethora of information and options available. Between that and validating my business credentials with the MANY fabric suppliers, and the costs associated with stocking the shop~ I almost ran out of gas.

But God must have heard my prayers, because out of the blue a very good military friend of mine and experienced quilter, gifted me a beautiful counter and 49 bolts of fabric. This was the blessing I needed to kick it into high gear and push on.

Sales reps came and I got to ordering. Some fabric for now, and some for the future. Before I knew it it was time to open!! I made a mad rush to open, enter and arrange all the fabulous quilting goodies, design the front window and make it look I knew what I was doing!

Only, through the grace of God, Crab Creek Quilting Company is a reality. We are open and have Room to Grow :) I am so excited to make new friends, create and make many new memories in this local fun zone! 

Trust me when I say, as long as you stay positive, pray and do your best in life, you will experience the greatest rewards. After all pain is weakness leaving the body, and anything worth having is never easy. 

Thank you for taking time to read my Blog! keep checking back for quilty news happening at Crab Creek Quilting Company!

Always Forward,
Brandy Manke OWNER! :)

Fall Classes at Crab Creek Quilting Company

  Fall Classes at Crab Creek Quilting Company We made it through Shop Hop and I feel so blessed to have has wonderful help throughout! I rea...