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Thrift Store Finds: DIY Candelabra from vintage Silver and Tea Cups

I decided to go ahead and get a project done that I've been saving up to do for when I had the time. A couple of the tea cups I had in the china hutch and I was worried they would crack from hot water. I picked up the candelabra a few years ago and only used it one when the power went out last year. We use our oil lamps more often. So I got out the glue gun and created a nice little area to get some photos of my process.  First, I put a mound of glue on the bottom of the saucer. I made sure I checked the fit before I stared adding glue. It pays to be extra careful so you don't have glue sticking out all over under your plate :) I didn't have any problems with getting the saucer to sit neatly on top the candle holder. Optionally, you could use a permanent glue or adhesive like E6000.  Second, I( again) , was really careful not to get too much glue on the rim of the cup foot. I then placed it on the saucer. I really like using the glue gun because I can always revert these tr

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